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Fast Forward Four Years

   High school is too fast. I mean the time that we spend in classes seem to drag on for hours, but next thing you know, we are having our Final Exams.
Lately, I decided to change my motives for college.
Before, I wanted to do something in the medical field. I feel like I wouldn't fit in in such field because I don't study hard.
I read a ton of books and do enjoying expressing myself when the time comes. I decided to change my major to Journalism. I want to write for my right to express myself. I want to tell you what I think of the new album of some band, or tell you to read more of another author. I think we all want to express ourselves in our own way, and mine is by writing. 

Come and Go.

 I am not trying to be anybody. I'm not trying to be a great writer/lyricist/poet or anything. Those words in the last entry? Those words came to me suddenly. It was about an hour after we stopped at a rest stop on my way home. I broke down. I didn't let anyone know that I did. I think I only got this so-called lyrics from pain. I couldn't take it anymore and broke down. That is probably why these words came to me. Maybe that's what I need... Pain. 

The Subject on Line.

A few lyrics I made on my way home. Not anything special but I hope it gets good feedback. You are feel to add some suggestions. The () mean that I haven't decided weather or not to put them in officially.

I look in the mirror to find reassurance
I try to be optimistic, but that's (only) a lie.
(I've cracked so passed the line that I'm two pieces (of one whole))
One of us is coming out of that tunnel (and it ain't gonna be me)
(I've detached myself from the vines(with nowhere to go))

The New Them

Of course when Panic at the Disco broke up I was sad. But today Brendon and Spencer put a little snippet of a song called "Oh Glory." This gets me excited in so much ways. I cannot wait for the album to come out, even if it doesn't have Ryan and Jon in it. I'm glad they went back to their old roots, right down to the "!". I will support the other two but not as much as Panic! At the Disco.  


This is a summary of a movie that I saw yesterday.
It is a movie of two guys who eventually fall in love. The struggles of what happens. It is a very good movie because you can believe the love connection of these two guys. I don't usually find anything wrong with movie and this isn't an exception. I can't really tell you about it without giving anything away so I won't tell you too much. It is an hour and thirty minute movie. No nudity, which is good because you probably don't want to see a guy's butt. Anyways, the ending is very touching and you will want to watch it a million times. Sadly, they don't have it in the iTunes store so you cannot download it on your iPod. It is a must-see movie. I give it a five out of five.

Writer's Block: All-Nighter

When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?
Phft, I go to sleep late everyday. Once I didn't go to sleep until 5, only because of the Freshmen Lock-in. 

It came...

 and went. This school year was very exciting and Awesome. I went many great people and didn't lose any friends on the way. I went Muffin which makes me sad for actually knowing him and happy that he was there. I do regret not getting to know him. I regret a lot of things but what has past has gone.

Of course, every year has its drama. Fortunately, most of his drama came and went within the week. Fall semester was a very good part to start high school. With Maria and eventually Janet and Marisa in my classes I had a very good time. October was when Muffin first caught my attention but I will not go into details with that. Sabrina and Maria in my lunch and gym meant I could actually bare lunch. Libby, Lauren and Steph. were also in my gym along with a certain person and we did have fun. Everyday after gym my cheeks would hurt from smiling so much. Though I did not tell anybody a lot of what was going on until late fall/ early spring semester I'm glad I these people in my classes.

Spring semester didn't start out so good. First block was uncontrollably loud while Second block was to quiet and strict. Third wasn't too different from second but Libby and Jess in that class meant I knew it would be a good semester. Fourth I thought it would suck and I feel so out of place. I got one of them right. The few months that past were a blur but eventually I got a hold of everything. Sabrina and Kat were now in my second lunch and thanks to Sabrina I had someone to keep me sane while Kat talked for days. 

I don't know what to expect for year but I can't wait to return. So much happen this year. Three more years left. 

One Episode At a Time...

 Life is like a show. We are all characters. "God" being the director. When your part is over you're fired from the show. Who knows when the show will be cancelled. We just have to wait and watch. 

Writer's Block: Rabbit Rabbit!

It's the first day of the month. If you could have one wish come true this month, what would it be?
To have Jay Ballard :D   D: 

Writer's Block: Same Name

Have you ever met or known someone who has the same name as you (first and last) but is not a relative?
Yes. Hernandez is a common last name.